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Emma Bathie is a Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach who has a gift for seeing another person’s zone of genius and for helping them create the practical steps necessary for living the life they truly want!

As a Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, I focus on my clients’ success and abundance mindset. I’m here to help you become the conscious creator of your own experience and to start living the life you came here for. 

Whether you want a healthy hot body, shout-it-from-the-rooftops joy, a soul mate, a career or biz that brings you financial freedom and is a reflection of what you truly came here to do, I will show you how to access more choice so you can make your soul’s desire a REALITY.

Incredibly most people do not feel like they can actually choose what happens to them in terms of their health, career, finances and especially their love relationships. Instead they feel like they just have to suck it up, and deal with whatever life has handed them.

The truth is – you don’t HAVE to experience blame, shame, victim-hood, resentment, guilt and other negative emotions as your default emotions. What a relief, huh?

Emma Bathie is a Holistic Health and Lifestyle CoachMy coaching method uncovers and addresses the hidden beliefs that have been keeping you stuck and not taking action, and helps you develop new beliefs that make transformation INEVITABLE.

One of the secrets to me doing this is to make sure that it’s actually ok with you to get what you want (what?! yep, it’s amazing how much we sometimes think we want something, but can’t quite give ourselves permission to have it, due to beliefs we just can’t see for ourselves) …because if it’s not ok, then nothing’s going to change no matter what I do, say or recommend.

I help you find the answers you already have within yourself, which means you follow through, because together, we’ve discovered what YOU (really!) want. 

Not what your family, friends, partner or society thinks is best for you. And no this does not mean having to go live in an ashram, do a 90 day juice fast, or leave your partner.

I also have a gift for seeing what another person’s genius is and how to coax it out of them. 

Just imagine what would get to open up for you, discovering what this is and having someone like me lovingly hold you accountable for bringing your gifts out into the world? 

If you want to give yourself permission to be happy, stop feeling at war with yourself, and get the things you want in life – come play with me!

What do you secretly want to happen?

Emma Bathie is a Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach

How painful is it for that not to happen?

Sign up now for a complimentary “Drink from the Infinite Barrel Of Possibility” session and let’s begin to uncover what you really want!

Or email me directly: ebathie@gmail.com